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Hydraulic and Lubrication Filtration and Contamination Control

Hydraulic and Lubrication Filtration and Contamination Control



Hit your target fluid cleanliness level!



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Contamination in hydraulic system fluids is recognized as the single most important factor in reducing the reliability and longevity of industrial equipment. Numerous studies conducted over the years have shown that as much as 70%-80% of failures and wear problems in lubricated machines are caused by particulate and water contamination.


The sensitivity of a component to particulate contamination is dependent on the lubricant film thickness and the size and quantity of contaminants in the fluid. In order to maximize component life and system reliability, it is important to determine and set required cleanliness levels at critical particle sizes, implement proper filtration to maintain fluid cleanliness, and establish a monitoring program to ensure that the targets are being maintained.


This webinar will discuss contamination sources and effects, how to establish fluid cleanliness levels, and determine the proper filtration and contamination control techniques that will achieve optimal fluid cleanliness levels.





Eric Krause


Principal Technical Specialist

Pall Corporation

Eric Krause joined Pall Corporation’s Scientific and Laboratory Services Division in 1990. He is currently a Technical Specialist within the Pall Corporation’s Fluid Technology and Asset Protection (FTAP) group focusing on the application of filtration and separation products and technologies for fluid cleanliness management in the Automotive, Pulp and Paper, Primary Metals and Mining markets. Mr. Krause graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.




Keith Webb


EMEA Marketing Manager

Pall Corporation

Keith Webb is Marketing Manager at Pall Corporation for the EMEA region. Keith Webb, based in the UK, attended the University of Portsmouth, UK, obtaining a Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate Degree in 1996. His experience with Pall began in 1989 as a Technical Sales Engineer, before focusing on a career in Marketing Communications within Pall Industrial in 1994. In 2017, Keith became Pall Power Generation Market Manager, helping identify and promoting solutions-oriented support for Power Generation applications, and since Feb 2018, is the EMEA Market Manager for Pall Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection.

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