Oil and Gas Solutions


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Upstream Solutions

Pall’s Ultipleat® High Flow Filter Improves the Protection of Gas Turbines on Platforms and FPSOs


Diesel produced in West Africa often contains contaminants such as heavy metals, additives, gums, and bacteria, which can cause engine problems. Aero derivative engines require finer protection compared to heavy-duty gas turbines or diesel engines.


This case study will show how Pall's Ultipleat High Flow Filters assisted an offshore oil company and a Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading (FPSO) in providing absolute-rated filtration efficiency. This ensured that the turbine and last-chance filters were protected.



Midstream Solutions

Pall Rental Skid Allows Refinery to Produce LPG Within Specifications


The combination of geopolitcal tensions and climate change urgency requires different strategies to diversify energy sources. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) appears to be a solution - discover this customer maintained LPG production while improving quality and meeting the 50 ppm specification.


Solving Foaming in Amine Regenerator



For this Middle-Eastern gas production company producing sales gas and natural gas liquids (NGL), severe foaming issues had started to affect the gas throughput, causing amine carryover and production delays. Discover how they removed the entrained liquids in the feed gas, reducing the foaming in the amine generator.



Downstream Solutions

Supporting Improvements in  Safety and Combustion Efficiency in Fuel Gas Furnaces


Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems are vital in refineries, defining the principles by which operations are controlled. Discover how one refinery significantly reduced CO2 emissions, protected downstream equipment and reduced the cost of recurrent maintenance operations in this case study.



Rentals and Services

Final Diesel Product Dehazing Brings Terminal Loading Operations on Track



Haze in diesel fuel can reduce the lubricity of the fuel which can lead to increased wear on fuel injectors, and pumps as well as damage refinery equipment. Learn more about how these challenges were addresses in a Northern US refinery.


Pall Rental and Services Team Helps Canadian Refinery Avoid $10M in Shutdown Costs


As a critical component of a modern oil refinery, it's efficiency is paramount. In this success story, a Canadian Refinery avoided costly shutdown expenses by working with the Pall Rentals and Services Team.



Pall Coalescer Rental Skids Help US Refinery Meet Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Specification


A US Refinery producing hydrotreated Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) via a steam stripper identified free water carryover and rock salt drier breakthrough in their final product, resulting in a low NACE TM0172* score. Discover how they met they met regulatory specification here.


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